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Friendly and accessible personal counselling & psychotherapy in Guildford, Woking, Send, Godalming, Surrey

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A positive counselling service, suitable for you if you wish to tackle anxiety or depression, or if you want to make a step improvement in some aspect of your character or personal life.  Based in Guildford, Surrey and serving Woking, Send, Godalming and surrounding areas.

What we offer

We offer a personal counselling service to clients in Surrey (for face-to-face consultations), or in the UK (for telephone or internet-based counselling).  We would suit you if you are looking for help with anxiety or depression, or are aiming to make a positive change in your life.  The service is friendly, accessible and completely confidential.  You can book appointments for daytime or evening.  For a free 1 hour consultation in Guildford, please call 07765 892691, or email (addressing the email to Eddie).

Issues you may be seeking help with

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress at work or in your personal life
  • Relationship problems
  • Changes in your life
  • Difficulty controlling your anger or other emotions
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Perfectionism or obsessive tendencies
  • Hurt and confusion
  • A desire to make a change to your character or behaviour
  • Debt and financial problems
  • The wish to take on a new project
  • The wish to effect a life change

Training and experience

All of our counsellors are trained practitioners, with several years’ experience, and a kind and accessible approach.

Eddie Chauncy, MA ACA MBPsS, has a first in Psychology, and a PgD with Distinction in Counselling Psychology.

Based in Guildford, Eddie Chauncy, lead counsellor, has a first in Psychology, a PgD with Distinction in Counselling Psychology, and is a Member of the British Psychological Society.

Eddie specialises in working with anxiety, depression, and self-improvement.  A qualified Chartered Accountant, he also works with clients experiencing financial problems, or seeking to make improvements in their financial life.

Eddie is primarily a person-centred counsellor, but is able to bring in elements of psychodynamic work, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as appropriate.  He has helped clients with a wide range of issues for NHS providers, in collaboration with charities, and for private clients.

Please click here for a more detailed description of what you can expect from Eddie as a counsellor.

We offer a wide range of approaches, but the overriding principle we work by is the provision of a safe, non-judgemental place where you can work through any issue that concerns you.  We aim to be human, accessible, and friendly.

Why counselling?

When family is not enough

You might have concerns on your mind, but no one in your family and friendship circle is appropriate to share them with.  Friends and family can be well-intentioned, but sometimes they are too close, and conflicts of interest can occur.  Counselling helps you to air issues in a friendly, totally confidential space, at a pace, and in a style, that works for you.

Disclosing difficult issues

Furthermore, some disclosures are difficult to make, even to those closest to you.  Speaking with a professional who is also a caring human being, can be a first step to bringing things out into the open.  You can return to your daily life knowing that you have shared with someone who cares, and who can offer you support in finding ways forward.

Finding relief

At rock bottom, many find that counselling provides a much-needed release.  You may find yourself relieved of a burden, and able to focus again.  Empathy from a counsellor or psychotherapist can assist you in finding empathy for aspects of yourself that you have had difficulty accepting.  And self-acceptance can be the road to accepting and improving your world.

What to expect

If you make contact, you will first be offered a free ten minute phone call, in which we can discuss options.  Usually this results in arranging a free first session.  If, then, you want to go further, we may agree to a series of further sessions.

There is no right or wrong number of sessions, but in most cases we agree an initial course of 6 sessions, with further counselling agreed after that as appropriate.

  • Face-to-face sessions are in Guildford, and the standard cost is £40 per session.
  • Significant concessions are available for those on a low income, and especially for those in extreme financial difficulty.  Please don’t be afraid to ask, as we would rather you made that choice than feared the cost.
  • For more details about cost and payment, click here.
  • If you would like to go ahead with a free consultation, call or text 07765 892691, or email Eddie at  Eddie will then contact you to arrange an initial phone call.

Contact information

Call 07765 892691 and leave a message for Eddie Chauncy, who will return your call.

Alternatively, email Eddie at

If you want us to call you, please leave us a contact phone number, and let us know when might be suitable for us to call you back.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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