Other people’s minds

Everyone has their own story. Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

We can’t know what’s in other people’s minds.  We wake up, and go into a day, and those around us all have their own stories.  But the stories are trapped inside their heads and bodies, invisible, unless we look, or ask.

Everyone we meet today – they have their own story.  They have problems getting their home straight; problems in their job; problems with money; problems with relationships; problems with health; problems living a life that suits them.

In this respect, they are just like us.  They want to be happy, just as we do.

If we treat others as though they were alien to us, then they will tend to react badly to us.  They will become suspicious that we don’t have their best interests at heart.  They will push us away, hide from us.

If, however, we treat others as though they were just the same as us, then they will tend to react more warmly.  They are more likely to trust us, move closer to us, and show themselves to us.

Just for today, we can be warm and compassionate with others, take an interest in their lives, and take an interest in their happiness.  We don’t have to be rich or special to do this.  We just need ears to listen, and a warm heart.