No force needed

Sometimes we can just be. Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

Some things in our lives need constant attention.  For example, some friends need constant looking after, to make sure they stay friends.  Some enemies need constant force to keep them away; and dirt needs constant removal in our regular cleaning routines.

Even our minds need constant work to maintain their positioning.  Religious people need to work hard to maintain their faith in their philosophy, and to keep perceiving the world in the required way.

Sometimes, though, there is no force needed.

Occasionally, we can sit and relax with people who do not require anything from us.  Sometimes we have friends who don’t need us to be or act in a certain way to stay their friend.  Sometimes enemies are kept away from us by the fact of peace, or by the efforts of others to guard us.  Sometimes, others kindly clean up the dust and dirt around us.

Sometimes, too, our minds get a chance to rest without trying to force uncomfortable or unrealistic faith positions.  We can just watch the world go by, without the obligation to maintain an artificial viewpoint for the sake of pleasing others.

Today I will spend some time in the company of those who simply accept me as I am, even if that is just me.  Today, I will seek sanctuary from fuss.

Maybe I will do a simple clean of my living area, to make it nice.  But then, once that’s done, I will take time to relax and just watch, without the need to do anything or be anything.

Maybe this will take the form of meditation.  Simple awareness, without pushing myself, or the world, around.  It could be a walking meditation, or a sitting meditation.  We all deserve some time when we can restore balance, and rest our muscles, mental and physical.

Then, we may find we don’t need force, because we can achieve a flow that does the job for us.  The need to attract and repel things and people can quieten down.  We can just be.