Mindful living: how we do things

In every single thing we do, we have a choice as to how we do it. Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

It doesn’t matter what we do. It is the way we do it that counts. We can be washing up, going for a walk, working, eating, talking to others, playing sport, driving… and there will always be a choice as to how we do it.

When I wash the dishes, I can do it busily, with a sense of urgency and time shortage, rushing my movements so as to get it all done quickly. I can lean over too far, instead of remaining in the healthiest position. I can do two things at once, instead of focusing on just one. I can have a sense of ‘just passing through’, rather than ‘being truly present’.

Or I can adjust, and do what I am doing mindfully, at a relaxed pace, keeping my movements flowing and easy. I can remain balanced, and stay focused on one thing at a time. I can be fully present where I am.

Just for today, I will watch how I do things. I will ask myself:

  • Am I relaxed?
  • Am I centred?
  • Am I free from resentment?
  • Am I accepting of my situation?
  • Am I acting with goodwill?