Make life tidy, beautiful, and safe

In everything you do, you can make life tidy, beautiful and safe. Photo by S. Tsuchiya on Unsplash

Psychologically, there are three things we can always do to help ourselves. They are very simple ways to improve the quality of whatever we are up to. They are:


Whatever task you have to do next, you can always do it in a tidy way. If you are washing up, you can think about where you put everything. You can take your time. If you are cooking a meal, you can arrange things nicely instead of making a big mess. If you are having a bath, you can arrange everything for easy access, keeping items neat.


Equally, everything you do can be not only tidy, but beautiful. You can make sure you have nice background music. You can sort out plants or flowers for your surroundings. When you watch telly, you can make sure your watching space is pleasant, fresh and nicely lit. You can employ scented candles, nice clothes, nice pictures. You can make sure your day, your walks, and your meetings, are all in a nice environment.


Last but not least, you can make sure that all your tasks happen in a safe, secure way. You can make sure your driving is safe. You can make sure that your conversation does not offend. You can keep your environment clean. You can check on your friends, and ensure that they are all safe and secure.


In everything you do today, try to think ‘tidy, beautiful, safe’. You can always make things tidier, always make things more beautiful, and always make things safer and more secure. You can do it for yourself and those around you. It improves quality of life, and therefore mental health.