Do you call others stupid, or think of them as stupid?

When we call others stupid, we are missing an opportunity to train oursleves. Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash

Stupidity is behaviour that shows a lack of ability to process thought, or to make good balancing judgements.

If we think of others as stupid, or call them stupid, we are positioning ourselves as a judge. In itself, that is not a very good balancing judgement.

Judging others is rarely a good idea (unless we are an actual judge, and it is our job to declare whether others’ actions are reasonable or not).

So when we call others stupid, we are probably being stupid ourselves. We have failed to make the right relational judgement.

Instead, we can choose:

  1. Questioning – why not ask the person why they did what they did?
  2. Patience – we can use the situation as training in our own tolerance
  3. Kindness – we can offer some help
  4. Education – we can find a way of nurturing knowledge or judgement in the other
  5. Calm expression – we can state our view eloquently and persuasively, without criticising

Calling someone stupid, or thinking of them as stupid, is mental laziness on our part. We are, stupidly, focusing on blaming the other person, rather than taking the opportunity to practice questioning, patience, kindness, education, or calm expression.