Mental health: smooth living

Bring smooth flow to daily existence. Photo by Kevin Olson on Unsplash

One mindfulness practice which brings the art of tai chi to daily existence, is the art of smooth living.  In tai chi, each posture flows into the next without pause.  We can bring a similar sense of flow to our day if we consider this question: 

  • How can I bring a sense of smoothness to my day?

Smooth movement is all about:

  1. Ease of transition
  2. Low strain
  3. Lack of violence
  4. Wise focus


Today, try to live in a way that makes all your actions smooth.  Focus on the following:


When moving from one activity to another, don’t jerk your body.  Gently orient yourself to the next task, balancing your movements so that the transition is relaxed.  When we are anxious or busy, we tend to force our body to make sudden changes.  If we focus on ease of transition, we can reduce this strain.


In all your actions, concentrate on avoiding stress and strain.  If it takes longer to open a door, then take that time, being aware of where you are positioning your limbs, and how your body is flowing.  If you are carrying too many items at once, then divide your journey into two, or gently fetch a tray to carry things on.  When talking with people, make sure your body is at ease.


Violence is movement or action which breaks systems, breaks organic flow, or breaches other people’s patterns.  When living through this day, respect and observe the systems, flow and patterns going on around you, and do not try to break or disturb them.


When deciding what to do, pay attention to what brings a sense of ease to you and your environment.  Wisdom is all about adapting your actions to circumstances.  Focus is all about attending to circumstances.  Attend, then adapt.  When we are foolish, we blunder on without thinking.  When wise, we are attentive and adaptable.

Remember, choose the easy, relaxed movement; be non-violent today.  Be mindfully attentive, and wise in how you adapt to circumstances.