The importance of rest

Resting mind and body is essential. Photo by Aleksandar Cvetanovic on Unsplash

What is rest? Rest is any pause in a system, any escape from the relentlessness of it. We are subject to so many systems. Our bodies are constantly eating, digesting, moving; our minds are endlessly anticipating events, handling problems, filtering memories.

Sometimes it is nice to have a break from all that. Fasting is one way of relieving the body of the strain of digestion for a while. And for the mind, meditation is good: simply being present, without anticipating, problematising, or remembering, relieves us from anxiety.

Just for today, try to take a rest from some of your most invasive uses of energy. Just let yourself be, moment by moment. In that stillness, you might find a little peace. Later, you can return to the fray, refreshed and ready for action.