When it rains

Can we sit with ourselves on rainy days, and cope with the restriction of freedom? Photo by Valentin Müller on Unsplash

Rain tells us to stay in a little.  It’s hard for us, especially in summer, when we want to be outside being active.  Being outside gives us a sense of life happening.  Physical movement is an important part of being an animal.  It’s really what differentiates the animals from the plants – the ability to move at will, to flex the muscles, to hear sounds echo across valleys, to swim in the sea, to listen to the wind in the trees as we walk through a forest.

There is a test on rainy days.  Can we sit with ourselves, or do we have to be always impressing ourselves and the world with our physical presence?  Can we wait, or do we have to be always on our way somewhere?

When it rains, the horizon closes in.  Clouds form, and we cannot see so far.  Can we live with the imposed restriction of vision?  Can we tolerate it when told ‘Wait there.  Life will be along in a while.  For now, find something quiet to do, and settle down’?

When we were young, probably our parents had to contend with our boredom.  We sat wondering what to do, or binged on telly.  If we had an indoor hobby, then perhaps we liked the change to settle down and focus.  Music, study, reading, craft, art… they all rely on huge amounts of time applying oneself in a small space.  It can be a real bonus to have an interest that relies on stillness, curiosity, and a lot of sitting or standing still.

The more extravert among us can feel more hampered.  An extravert tendency can mean that we like action, want to get out and about, and dislike spending time alone.

Whatever the case, on rainy days, we need to find a peaceful accommodation with ourselves and others.  Introverts can settle in if alone, or maybe compromise with an extravert and play a game or make a visit.  Extraverts can catch up on phone calls, or plan their next holiday – or settle down to a book and discover their quiet side.

As beings, we evolved with the weather, with the constant interplay of light and shade, freedom and restriction, dryness and wetness, noise and quiet.  We are always being pushed around, and given days out, and days in, to contend with.  The weather is as much a part of our universe as our bodies.  We can’t tell it what to do.  We can only be, and adapt.