Postponing things

We plunder nature because of our impatience, when we could be enjoying it alongside our intimacy.

We live in an age which has to do everything now.

We want everything now, and so we pollute the Earth in order to gain fast achievements, material possessions, wealth and growth.

But what is this growth, this wealth, that we chase?

Why do we find it so hard to press the pause button, to postpone things?  What is so wrong with our current state, that we are so desperate to replace it with another state?

Perhaps we could learn to postpone things.  Especially, to postpone the busy-ness that pervades our lives.  Perhaps we could learn to take time away from our usual manic pursuit of external wealth, and learn to quietly enjoy inner happiness in each other’s company.

There is a depth to quiet, peaceful intimacy.  There is a sense of no-rush, of no-need, that is healing.  Perhaps we could do more of that.



What am I rushing to do today?

What is preventing me from taking it easy, from relaxing in the moment?

Perhaps those around me, as well as I, would be better off just spending time with each other, instead of manically trying to achieve pointless wealth, pointless material growth.

Maybe today I can find a few pockets of inner happiness, times to share with special people.  Maybe that’s what life’s about.