Why goodwill is healthy

Goodwill is, probably, better for your heart.  Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

In every single encounter, we have a choice: an attitude of goodwill, or an attitude of confrontation.  Even if we need to make a point, we can still do it with goodwill, or confrontationally.

There are sharp mental and physiological differences between goodwill and ill-will.  Here are a few:

  • Goodwill reduces cortisol, a hormone which can cause sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, and other health problems
  • Cognitively, goodwill facilitates better decisions, which in turn avoid risk and accidents
  • There is some evidence that goodwill can speed the healing process
  • There is also evidence that goodwill enhances general cardiovascular health
So when you make a decision to learn an atttude of goodwill, you may well be making it more likely that you will:

  • sleep better
  • improve your cardiovascular system
  • make better decisions, and suffer fewer accidents
  • heal faster when you are ill or injured
Since goodwill breeds goodwill, you will also be bringing those benefits to others around you.



Today, I will see if I can maintain a positive attitude towards everyone I meet.

I’ll wish happiness for them.  Even if I don’t have an opportunity to talk with them and influence them, I can look upon them with love.

When I harbour a grudge against someone else, I notice my body hormones changing.  I tense up, and my inner peace is disturbed.  Why would I wish to do that?

If I can love even my enemies, then I have an opportunity to make myself more healthy, and to spread a more healthy atmosphere everywhere I go.