Staying adaptable

Be like grass.  It bends in the wind, which stops it breaking.  Photo by Chang Qing on Unsplash

I can guarantee that today, as with all days, something will happen to ‘get in your way’.  We are creatures of intention, and so it is inevitable that something will happen, frequently, to get in the way of those intentions.

Whenever we are interrupted, we end up with a choice.  Firstly, we can try to resist the interruption.  In this case, we are likely to experience a lot more conflict in our own heads, as resistance tends to exaggerate conflict.  Or, secondly, we can notice the interruption, accept it, and then adapt.  In this second case, we will experience less immediate conflict, because we are flexing with the waves.

Using a plant analogy, being able to bend like grass can be a great advantage.  It means that we are flexible enough to survive.



What is going to interrupt me today?  Whatever path I choose, something will probably emerge which pushes me off the path I think that I am on.

How will I react when that happens?  Am I capable of quietly noticing the interruption, accepting it, and adapting to it?  Can I dance with life?

When I resist interruptions, I will come across to the world as an argumentitive fighter.  It may well cause conflict and disharmony.  In contrast, if I can accept, and deal with, interruptions, then things will be more harmonious, and probably more peaceful.

When things interrupt me today, I hope I can be aware, accepting, and adaptable.