You are like a tree: you are the result of a development process.  Get to know how you are built, and how you might thrive best with the shape you have.  Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

Persistence is the ability to continue doing something despite obstacles.

Any life change needs a degree of persistence, because there will be times when you simply don’t feel like carrying on.


Several things can get in the way.  Here are three:

  • The limitations of your body.  You are a biological being, subject to hunger, tiredness, chemical imbalance, and all the rest of it.  If one of those hits, then you had better attend to it.  Your body is the vehicle with which you live.  Treat it nicely.
  • Social limitations.  Those around you might pressurise you to be lazy, do the usual thing, go back to the old you.  It will be very tempting to relent, but you’ll end up in the same situation you were in before.
  • Your old character.  Humans develop like trees.  Your mind has a unique shape, with main assumptions (your trunk), consequent thoughts (your branches), and consequent actions (your leaves).  Redesigning a tree is not easy.  It may need pruning, or it may even need replanting in more favourable soil.

I don’t know what change you have decided to make.  But, if you want to stick to it, then I suggest the following:

  1. Attend more to your health, not less.  Even if your new project requires effort, make sure you are well fuelled and rested for that effort.  Do you think that Olympic athletes starve themselves of food or sleep?  They generally don’t.  They eat for a purpose, and sleep for a purpose.  They make sure they are in tip-top condition.  As with them, so with you.  Aren’t you worth the same?
  2. Communicate your intentions clearly.  The biggest obstacle to many changes is social pressure from others.  Sometimes you have to be clear with friends, family and contacts: tell them what your diary commitment is, and be clear that you have to work around that.  It takes time and courage to do this.  You will be tempted to go along with the old ways.  It’s easier, you will think.  But it will undo all your good work.
  3. Allow for your own character.  You are not a robot.  You are a living, characterful human being with lots of weird attributes!  Be like a gardener – get to know what soil you thrive in, how you are built, and how you function best.  That way, you can bring out the best in yourself.


Persistence with a new project is hard.

  • Work with your biological limitations by eating, sleeping and resting well.
  • Work with your social limitations by communicating well, and being controlled with your time.
  • Work with your own beautiful character by getting to know yourself, how you are made, and what environment and treatment helps you flourish.
Good luck.