Busy-ness versus peace

Just sit.  Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

We seem to prefer the self-justification of busy-ness, to the quietness of peace.

Perhaps it’s the influence of smart phones, which encourage us to keep checking news feeds for new information.  The culture of attention-seeking and like-generation can be quite addictive.

Perhaps it’s the work ethic, encouraging us to think that if we are not working, then we are not fulfilling our proper role in society.

Simply sitting, simply walking, or simply watching, are associated with a hippy mentality.  We have words such as drop-out, which imply that not to participate in the busy-ness is to fail in some way.  We categorise success in terms of achievement, and expect achievement to involve exhausting ourselves.

This can generate quite a burden of guilt for those seeking to restore themselves and their health.  If they take time off work, they can feel judged.  If they rejoin the merry-go-round, they can damage their health again.

Just for today, maybe re-learn a bit of sitting, walking, or watching.  If necessary, pretend you are very old, retired, contemplating your life from the very end.  Try not to reach for an endless round of TV, radio, chat, work, chores.  Remind yourself what it’s like to be peaceful.

At first, it might not feel so easy.  Perhaps you are so used to movement, that stillness scares you.  Try to stay with it.  See what happens.