New moments

If today was your first day, what would you want to explore?  Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

We haunt ourselves with our connection to the past.

We insist on dwelling on what happened yesterday, why it might have happened, what the repercussions might be.  To a certain extent this is healthy, as a bit of reflection helps us to understand how life works, and to avoid repeating problems.  But obsessive rumination on the past holds us back, and can trap us in self-defeating thought patterns.

It probably bores our friends, this obsession with what has gone before.  They have heard us countless times outline our usual stories, and we repeat them so often.  Eventually, we can end up regurgitating the same tropes, the same arguments, the same speeches, into our old age.


Just for today, try to leave behind your usual stories about how life is.  Forget your usual political views, your usual assumptions about other people.  Just watch life as it happens, sense it, be there, a bit like a baby that has just been born.



We can trap ourselves in the past, dwelling in yesterday, repeating the same stories.

Sometimes, just for a while, it’s good to lose that thread, and behave as if we were living the first hour of our first day.