Peace is a choice

If you start with acceptance, you can observe and respond better.  Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

In every single moment, we have a choice.  Never mind the situation we are in, we have a straight decision: whether to accept the situation or argue against it.  If we argue against it, we will be disturbed.  If we accept it, we will be at peace.

In every context, you have a three-stage process available to you: acceptance, contemplation, and action.  If they happen in that order, then you have a good chance of a peaceful resolution.  This is because acceptance will make you calm in contemplation, and contemplation will make you wise in action.

If you want, you can reverse the process.  This is a pretty normal animal response.  You can act first, then think about things, and then, eventually, accept them.  The only trouble is, your action will be reactive, and not necessarily wise; your contemplation may include a lot of regret at your actions; and your acceptance will take a lot longer to achieve.  Many lives are run on this basis: a period of manic action; a period, when older, of greater reflection; and then a period, in old age, of at least partial acceptance.

You may want the stimulation of lots of foolishness and passion.  If so, good luck to you.  It’s just that you will often be going back and tidying up after yourself.


Just today, try to begin every encounter, every situation, with acceptance.  Accept what is in front of your eyes, your ears, your nose.  Even if it seems annoying to you, try to accept it in the first instance.

Then let your mind observe the situation.  Don’t make any judgements, just let yourself see things as they are.

Then, if any action is necessary, do it quietly.  If none is necessary, then move on to more acceptance and peaceful observation.

This will help to reprogram your mind towards peace.



Peace of mind is a choice.

A person has a good chance of peace if they learn to accept everything around them, observing it quietly.  This makes any subsequent action likely to be wiser.

Many people, like animals, react first, and only later reflect, eventually learning to accept.  This is a very inefficient way to live, as it takes a long time to clear up your own reactive messes.

If you want peace, start with acceptance and contemplation, only acting with restraint, and where necessary.

If you can train yourself to do this, eventually your mind will become a lot calmer.