Clearing out the old

Let old thought-habits drop off you like leaves.  Photo by HQ Lightroom Presets on Unsplash

Many natural systems have a method of clearing out what is no longer immediately necessary.

Your body’s digestive system has just such a mechanism, which I don’t need to describe in detail.  If you did not have such a system, your body would become far too full of everything you have processed.

Your mind has similar mechanisms, and you can add to them.  When you are ready to drop old thought-habits, anxieties, worries, resentments, angers and confusions… then let them go.


What old habits and worries do you simply not need in your life any more?

Perhaps spend some time reflecting on what you can do without.

If you are lucky, this will clear your mind, ready for new, more healthy and relevant thought patterns.



Just as your body removes waste, to avoid becoming full of old, irrelevant stuff, so your mind can do the same.

It is worth taking time to let go of old mental habits.  It helps you make way for new thoughts and experiences.