Use the moments in between

Children know how to use the moments in between.  Don’t lose that playful skill!  Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

Between everything you do today, there will be those moments.

It could be a short rest between tasks, when you have a chance to raise your head and look around you.

It could be a brief moment when you say hello to someone, and have a chance to pay attention to them, and check how they really are.

Whatever those moments in between are, they are arguably the most vital moments of your day.

On your gravestone, they are unlikely to write ‘They did all their tasks.’  At your funeral, your friends and family are unlikely to say ‘I particularly remember the times when they were too busy to notice.’

After you are gone, hopefully what will remain is the effect of those little moments when you took the time to care for others.  When you, perhaps, took time out to check someone was OK.  When you shared a point of humour, or some music, or a moment of light relief, with someone you cared about.

These are the moments when generosity, love and understanding take place – when the busy-ness subsides for a little while, and whatever is in our hearts gets a chance to come out to play.