The way we see

Like a drop of water on a plant, your world shows differently, depending on your perspective.  Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

When you are depressed, the world is cold and uninviting.  When you are esctatic, the world is exciting.  When you are tired, the world is tiring.  And when you are anxious, the world is anxiety-making.

Every day, we decide that the world is a particular way, a particular style, a particular experience, a particular character.  ‘Life,’ we say.  ‘It is like this’.  And the next day we say: ‘It is like this.’  And the next, ‘It is like this.’

But it is only ourselves we are observing, if we only knew it.  On our depressed days, when we observe that the world is cold, we are only sensing our own coldness.  When overwhelmed, on the days we say ‘the world is overwhelming,’ we are only seeing that we are overwhelmed.  And so on.

Just for today, maybe allow the world to be the infinite array of perspectives it really is.  Allow that you are only one being among many, and that you can be relieved of your self-appointed role as definer of the universe.  Before you master the universe, try to master yourself.  Just for today, allow the world to be whatever it is, and set to work on watching, peacefully, how you are.